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Become a member of our family
and start earning with us

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious, hardworking people who are not afraid of working in a competitive environment on the insurance market. Who have dreams and goals that they want to realize. 

Brokers and financial advisors

Do you work in the financial sector and want to join us? Do not hesitate. We'd love to meet you.

Sales representatives

Do you work in the field of commerce and do you have access to clients? Connect with us and offer them more.

Young people and graduates

Are you a graduate or an ambitious person who enjoys working with people? If so, please contact us.

Other professions

Do you work in a travel agency, car dealership or in another position and do you have good relations with your clients? 

Why choose us?

We have over 160 great people working with us. Get to know us and you'll understand why :)
What is agreed is counting
You can expect good relations based on serious cooperation from us. What is said and agreed here is counting.
People don't leave us
People are satisfied with us and work with us for a long time. In our society, people don't change often.
Stability and security
We are a strong company and a partner who will take care of you.
Good interpersonal relations
We are professionals, but above all we are people and we base ourselves on good and friendly relations.
Great team
We are one team and we all pull together. We help and support each other.
Corporate actions and cohesion
We go the extra mile and strengthen good relationships with non-traditional events and entertainment.
Help and support
We are fully behind you. We will provide you with quality education and IT support. You will advance and grow professionally with us.
Partner for the future
We are and will be your long-term partner. Quality and long-term cooperation is very important to us.

Aktuálna ponuka kurzov

Zápis do nového kurzu Autoškoly AlphaStar s.r.o. pravidelne aktualizujeme, ale už teraz sa môžete prihlásiť a my vás zaradíme do najbližšieho kurzu.
- Kurz skupiny B, AM, A1, A2, A, BE, C, CE, T
- Školenia vodičov KKV
- Rozšírenie z B na B HK96
- Osobitný výcvik pre rozšírenie A1 na A2
- Osobitný výcvik pre rozšírenie A2 na A
- Preskúšanie po zákaze činnosti
- Kondičné jazdy a zdokonalovacie jazdy
- Osobitná skúška pre rozšírenie z A1 na A2 alebo z A2 na A

Become a member of our family and start earning with us

Would you like to learn more about working with us?
Write to us and we will be happy to answer everything. We are looking forward to you.
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